Project St. Marys

Proposed re-ordering or makeover for Painswick Church.

The church council have been discussing the creation of better facilities (e.g. toilets, display space and a meeting room) in the church for some years. This is for the benefit of our many visitors, concert-goers, our local community and our congregation. We are now in a position to go public on these plans. The central proposal is to install a west end organ and use the current organ space for these improved facilities.

The proposals can be described in three phases – some big – some small. The list below is broadly the order in which the works will be implemented. The links to reports, drawings and sketches provide more detail

Phase 1.  South Aisle

a). Temporary music provision whilst organ is being rebuilt – details to be decided

b). Dismantle organ – preserving parts of casing for re-use

Report : Organ Consultant’s Recommendations

c). Remove south aisle pews and create paved display area

Report : Schedule of non-organ works

Drawing : South aisle as existing & proposed

                           Sketch : South aisle as proposed (Sketch : with thanks to Peter Jenkins)

d). Move unique stone reredos from behind organ to tower vestry

Report : Consultant’s feasibility report

                           Drawing : Current Condition – 1

                           Drawing : Current condition – 2

                           Report : Dismantling method statement

Phase 2. Vestry Area

Develop Vestry area to provide toilets, meeting room, storage, small kitchen etc.

(Note : this area known as South Transept, SE corner or Jubilee Corner on some drawings and documents.)

Report : Schedule of non-organ works

         Drawing : South transept as proposed – Jubilee Corner

         Drawing : Jubilee Corner / South transept details

         Drawing : Jubilee Corner Upper Room glass fixing details

         Drawing : Staircase details

        Drawing : Internal fittings

Phase 3. Organ

a). Create organ gallery in arch at west end of nave

Report : Schedule of non-organ works

                          Report : On the interaction between the bells and proposed west end organ

                          Drawing : Tower space and nave west end as proposed

b). Refurbish tower vestry – for reredos and other displays

c).  Install new west end organ on gallery, as in 1800s, using Lincoln   style casing

Report : Organ Consultant’s Recommendations

                           Drawing : New organ and west end gallery

                           Sketch :  Proposed organ in west end arch (Sketch : courtesy Kenneth Tickel & Co.)

The move of the reredos to the tower vestry and the installation of the west end organ will require moving some of the memorials. Full details of these are given here.

The work for Phase 1 a) and Phase 3 c) will be the responsibility of our organ contractor (Kenneth Tickell & Co of Nottingham) and will be done separately to all the other works which will be supervised by our appointed Church Architect, Toby Falconer. Various architectural drawings, reports and sketches are available and can be examined either in the church where there are  displays about each Phase or on-line via the links included in the above table.

Faculty process : The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) has recommended acceptance of the revised proposals put to them by the Vicar, Churchwardens and PCC in June 2014. During October and November 2014 we will be undertaking the public information stage of the faculty process. The official public notices are on all the church internal and external notice boards and a copy can be examined here.  At the end of the public consultation period, on 1 December, application will be made to the Chancellor of the Diocese for a faculty to implement the proposals.

There will be four public meetings to explain the proposals in more detail, to set out the costs and to explain the fund raising strategy, if and when a faculty is granted. The four meetings, all in the church, will be on :

  • Sunday 26th October at 11 am (after the 9.30 am Sunday service)
  • Thursday 30th October at 7.30 pm
  • Sunday 2nd November at 11 am (after the 9.30 am Sunday service)
  • Wednesday 12th November at 7.30 pm

Please feel free to join us at any of these meetings.  Light refreshments will be available.

Offers of help

We would welcome offers of help – including registering to receive our fund raising brochure in due course .   A form is available or you can send an  e-mail with offers.