Missions and Outreach



Our policy is to actively support a number of charities and to give at least 10% of our church income to support charities.


We have five ‘core’ charities who we support throughout the year namely : –


The Children’s Society


The Church Army


The Mission to Seafarers


The Scripture Union


The United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

In addition  we support the following charities with special events or by other fund raising :

PSALMS (Painswick and Stroud Area Local Ministry) – particularly youth work


Christian Aid – in May every year


World Vision – Lideta project – particularly at Harvest time


Christianity in Action Group, which has three strands

(1)  Fair Trade

(2)   Delivering Aid to Stroud Homeless (DASH)

(3)  Letter writing (in support of Christian Aid objectives, Christian Solidarity Worldwide and other issues of freedom and justice raised by members of the group)